The alternative: Ovehay Mo Minor Minor

Minor Figures is a coffee company located in East London.

Created by a team of passionate coffee professionals who focus on the creation of innovative products in the coffee industry: from nitro cold coffee, through oatmeal, to Massala Chai tea and roasted coffee.

Their mission is to challenge the status quo of the coffee industry-and to create products that have not been created so far.
Their whole range of products is plant-based, does not contain added sugar and is produced in England.


Oatmeal Minor Figures



  • The oatmeal is considered to be the best alternative to milk in cafes, as it yields a very good consistency after the steam treatment.
  • The oatmeal is not only an option for people intolerant to milk/lactose, but also for those with nut allergy.
  • Sustainable agriculture: Production of oats is more environmentally friendly than soy, almond or dairy.




Ethical and sustainable.

  • Minor Figures is the only oatmeal produced in the UK.
  • Leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint on the road between production and final customer.


  • Minor Figures uses the purest ingredients
  • Not stabilisers, additives or added sugar
  • The same amount of calcium as in whole milk

Production and quality.

  • The Minor Figures are experts at the cafe. They have years of experience working as barricades and coffee breers.
  • Their formula unites the experience and professionalism of the creators.
  • It does not cross in combination with acid coffee.

Minor Figures was created by people who worked in the area of coffee. Over the years, there have been barricades, bakeries and owners of cafes. They know from experience the challenges in dealing with alternative milk, as well as the compromise of quality, which invariably comes with them.

Oatmeal Minor Figures

They put all of this knowledge and experience into the creation of Ovesy million, especially for working with coffee. This is the result of a product that meets the needs of the client and the barrista.
This formula does not change the subtle taste of coffee. Instead, the exciting, unique flavors of coffee are welcomed.


  • Designed to work with coffee.
  • No dairy products. No added sugar.
  • In the case of processing, silk micro-foam shall be obtained. Perfect for a latte art. You don't cross in acid coffee.
  • Clean and simple label design.
  • Suitable for vegans and people with allergies to nuts.
  • Contains the same amount of calcium, as well as in cow's milk.
  • Suitable for tea, smoothies and breakfast cereals.


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